Frequently asked questions

What are inspection services?

Inspection in energy industry lingo for 'site supervision'.

What type of inspectors does Finley provide?

The bulk of our reputation has been built on pipeline, facility and environmental inspectors. We have also employed civil/earthworks, electrical, mechanical, HDD and QA/QC inspectors. With almost 50 years in business we can find right the people for your project no matter what your requirements are.

Where does Finley operate?

Currently we work throughout western Canada and we will evaluate some major US operating areas.

What do I need to do work for Finley?

You will need your own company, WCB, insurance and all certifications specific to the role you are applying for. Submit your qualifications to our careers@finleyinspection.com email address. A high quality resume is a must. It will help us sell your services to our client. However, a great resume does not make up for great experience.

Why should I use Finley?

Reputation cannot be built overnight. We have put in the time to develop relationships and processes that set us apart from our competition. This is a people business; everyone says they provide great people, only those who are truly able to deliver stand the test of time. We have executed projects for small, mid and large multinational corporations.

Why should I work for Finley?

Finley is efficient, professional and still remember our roots as family business. We have built a reputation as the best at what we do and that is because we attract and retain the best people in their field. At Finley, you are an important part of our business and treated as a respected, valued partner; not a number.